Window sill la

Window sill la

In other words: the reader of these lines can also be a woman.
Which made some of the readers feel left out. This problem was also recognized by the bavarian red cross, forchheim district association. In a newspaper advertisement, the BRK calls for nominations for the election of the chairman, the treasurer, or the justiciary. In order to signal to the BRK women that they were also in demand, the invitation to tender contained the following passage: "for reasons of better legibility, the male spelling was used. We would like to point out that this also includes the female form."

In spite of this attempt at politically correct writing, the author of the advertisement was accused of chauvinism. Because why should the masculine spelling of all things lead to better readability?? And why should the female form be included in the male form??
An old story resonates here – the female spelling as a rib from the rough skeleton of male grammar.


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