Wiesentheid adopts record budget

Wiesentheid adopts record budget

"A year of rough cuts lies behind us and an enormous investment volume lies ahead of us in the new year – an asset budget with 7.4 million", so began mayor dr. Werner knaier (CSU) the budget speech for the year 2013 of the market wiesentheid. Many of the projects that fill the more than 200-page budget, prepared by the chamber's angela ross, date back to previous years.

The biggest challenge for the market in wiesentheid in the coming year will be the designation of the "mahling" industrial zone with a planned total of 1.3 million its. In addition, the construction of the relief road from the B 286 to the rudenhauser strabe with 625 000 euros. 793,000 euros are also being invested in road design, namely in the first section of the village renewal in reupelsdorf.

The construction of two parking spaces at the fire station has been planned for a long time and will cost 568.000 euros will be made available. The costs of 224,000 euros for the development of a building area in geesdorf and a reasonable DSL connection for the untersambach and geesdorf districts of 100 percent seem rather low.000 euro.
The renovation of the steigerwaldhalle will remain a hot topic for the next few years. 750.000 euros have been earmarked for the work in 2013, and the municipal councils have already made many new suggestions in the "requests and inquiries" section the energy renovation, the improvement of the acoustics or the lighting could be further optimized.

No change in the rate of increase for municipal taxes

The mayor emphasized that the budget expenditures will be shouldered without the change in the municipal tax rate, which has remained unchanged since 2008. More than in the previous year the municipality must deliver to the circle, here it is stepped up around three points, whereby a point is nevertheless 36.000 euro.

According to knaier, 2.6 million must be taken from reserves. 1.5 million will be financed by new loans with currently unusually favorable interest rates. The per capita debt in wiesentheid is currently 44 euros.

The chairman of the CSU parliamentary group, dr. Otto hunnerkopf, emphasized in his speech on the budget that despite these investments, the reserves had also more than doubled in previous years. "We invest in the future!", he emphasized.

"A powerful set of figures is before us for decision, which is a milestone in the history of the municipality!", michael ruckel, spokesman for the citizens' block, opened his speech. He emphasized the need to designate attractive commercial areas. Ruckel thanked all his council colleagues for their constructive and critical cooperation.

A dissenting voice
"We are on the right track by mutual agreement", the head of the town agreed to its proposals. This was also reflected in the vote on the 2013 budget statute. Heinrich worner was the only one who could not agree to the financial plan, as he did not agree with the weighting and evaluation of individual measures. "The budget is our framework for action, we are still deciding on each individual measure", knaier reassured his council colleagues.


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