Where the trucks rumble through at nighttime

Where the trucks rumble through at nighttime

It was not about a neighborly dispute, but rather about neighborly envy. The discussion about a separate bypass route for the B 279 was sparked off in the rentweinsdorf market town council when it was supposed to decide on the reckendorf land use plan. Because "they have immediately a couple of reversals purely painted", according to mayor willi sendelbeck (SPD), "at some point we need a solution – preferably from sulzdorf to breitengubbach," the mayor said, because it can't be that "something happens in reckendorf and not in pfarrweisach".

Sendelbeck initially left his own community out of the equation. Not so his councillors. Second mayor willi andres (CSU) drew a completely different conclusion from the reckendorf land use plan: "they are planning building areas in the huben and druben districts, so traffic will continue to pass right through the middle of them. But we need a bypass", directed other people's interest to their own sovereign territory. "But where?", it sounded from the mayor's chair back: "remains only the hitler route on the high road."

Blocking trucks
Sendelbeck also referred to a proposal by the local CSU association from saal/saale, according to which the B 279 should be completely closed to heavy through traffic.

The grunen district association of bamberg has already made a similar advance. Tomorrow, thursday, it will host the grunen spokesman in the transport committee of the bundestag at the sports club ASV reckendorf.

Kurt weibheimer (uwg) referred to the "over 200 building sites that are to be designated", but also on the B 8, where heavy traffic was slowed down between markt bibart and neustadt/aisch. "Why not lock?", also asked thomas schnitzer (uwg).

Willi andres is also convinced that this will ease the burden: "we can live with the rush-hour traffic, but we need a solution for the rumble at night." Finally rentweinsdorf has the same problems as reckendorf.

Rentweinsdorf not in the plan
Helmut zier (CSU) saw only one chance: "if baunach and reckendorf are bypassed, we'll have to go up on the high side as well." Willi andres knew about an already existing "pure floor", which could be used as a route. The option between treinfeld and losbergsgereuth is eliminated. Sendelbeck: "there is a solar plant there now." Gunther leyh (uwg) referred to the threatened loss of land and the existing alternative route in the itzgrund, where "the B 4 has been relieved so much".

Sendelbeck's conclusion: "we are trying hard, but we don't know what to do." The bavarian ministry of the interior's list of proposals for updating the federal traffic route plan from 2015 includes the bypasses of baunach, reckendorf, junkersdorf, pfarrweisach and voccawind to ermershausen as new construction projects. Rentweinsdorf is not mentioned at all.


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