Weilersbach community honors chronicler heidi amon and bookstore manager

weilersbach community honors chronicler heidi amon and bookstore manager

Pauline lindner the year-end meeting of the weilersbach town council was marked by honors. Second mayor marco friepes (CSU), who stood in for gerd amon who was ill, presented certificates of thanks from the municipality to franz-josef gotz and heidi amon.

Gotz has been in charge of the parish register for 29 years and is now giving up at the age of 70. At the request of the then parish priest monsignor adolf schrenk, he established the parish register and has been in charge of it ever since. According to friepes in his laudatory speech, gotz took care to ensure that the library’s stock of books was always up to date and organized the lending service to ensure that the people of weilersbach always had interesting reading material to choose from.

Future of the bookstore uncertain

Due to church renovations, there are currently space problems that the congregation is overburdened with. For friepes, the succession and the continuation of the business as a whole are questionable. At the advent market, the burghers were asked whether they were interested in the continued existence of this institution. It has been shown that the interest is not too coarse. Only 29 of the respondents affirmed a continuation of the bookstore.

"I don’t know what will happen next, but I’m quitting at the end of the year, gotz said in his words of thanks.

The second honoree is heidi amon, a native of miesbach who has been committed to her second home since she moved to weilersbach. Twelve years she belonged to the municipal council in the 90s. Since then, she has been the town’s chronicler and the community’s public relations officer. She reports about everything that happens in the village, especially about the fire department. She has been a secretary there for 20 years, a post she has also taken on for the vdk. "You live your office", friepes described the extensive commitment of heidi amon.

Statistics, by the way, are also part of the annual review. In 2018 there were twelve births in weilersbach, but 21 deaths. The town currently has 2115 inhabitants. Friepes is counting on a change due to the rough building area on the willberg that has been set in motion. This is intended to close the gap between the lower and upper weilersbach development north of the church. This will also give a new boost to the small elementary school with only 64 students, four of them from reifenberg and two from forchheim.

More dogs than children

15 burgers celebrated their 90th birthday this year. Or an even higher birthday. The number of dogs is increasing, friepes noted critically. There are 150 four-legged friends and only 115 children under the age of six.

The community’s income of 3.7 million euros is slightly above the budget estimate. On the other hand, the municipality’s expenditures were lower than expected. The debt level develops continuously downwards from 1.4 million euros in 2015. At the end of the year, it will be at just under 830.000 euros. By 2021, the municipality’s deficit is to fall well below 600,000 euros.

For friepes, good community cohesion is what makes weilersbach worth living in. The advent market, for example, makes people aware that they rely on each other. Friepes expressed his thanks to the mayor gerd amon (CSU), who had been ill and whom he had replaced for two months. Third mayor roland dauer (CSU) pointed out in his closing remarks: "now you have experienced how difficult the office of an honorary mayor is. You have mastered it bravouros."


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