Trump: no more “war games” off korean peninsula

Trump: no more 'war games' off korean peninsula

The U.S. Is having a hard time with its north korea line: U.S. President donald trump had to clarify on wednesday that he wanted to abolish the joint military maneuvers with south korea off the korean peninsula.

"There is currently no reason to spend gross amounts of money on joint war games between south korea and the u.S.," trump wrote on twitter on wednesday.

Nonetheless, they could be restarted if the U.S. President decided to do so, trump wrote. "If he does this, they will be significantly rougher than ever before." The u.S. President also stressed his good relationship with ruler kim jong un, as well as with china’s president xi jinping.

U.S. Secretary of defense james mattis, on the other hand, had recently stated that there were currently no plans for a further suspension of military exercises. "We have no plans at this time to suspend further exercises," mattis said tuesday at a press conference at the pentagon. Giving up the manover was one of the concessions trump made to north korean strongman kim jong un after the joint summit on 12. June in singapore had offered.

Trump’s clarification comes at a time of growing doubt about north korea’s seriousness in actually undertaking the agreed nuclear disarmament. Secretary of state mike pompeo canceled a trip to the isolated country planned for this week on trump’s advice. Republican senator marco rubio gave up hope the day before that north korea would be seriously deterred.

The president on wednesday again blamed china mainly for the failure to make progress on disarmament. Trump strongly felt that north korea was under heavy pressure from china, triggered by china’s trade dispute with the united states. At the same time, china is providing the communist country, which is under global sanctions, with significant amounts of aid, including fuel, fertilizer and other commodities, as well as finance.

China clearly rejected trump’s accusation on thursday. Hua chunying, a spokeswoman for the peking ministry of agriculture, called the logic "laughable" and accused the u.S. Of "distorting the facts. Given current difficulties, U.S. Should "think about itself rather than being petulant and blaming others". China hopes the u.S. Will play a constructive role in resolving problems on the korean peninsula.

One cause of the current disputes between the U.S. And north korea is also that, against all advice from north korea experts, trump met with kim in singapore without first negotiating watertight details of a north korean nuclear disarmament and U.S. Quid pro quos. At the same time, the term denuclearization, which is only a very general term for nuclear disarmament, was chosen as a deliberately vague term. CNN pointed out that there was a dispute between the two parties over the peace treaty demanded by north korea. The U.S. Wanted to sign it only after concluding a nuclear disarmament with north korea.

The U.S. Government apparently did not consult with south korea before trump tweeted about the suspension of military maneuvers. A spokesman for the sudanese president said wednesday that a continuation or suspension of joint military exercises between sudanese and U.S. Forces remains to be discussed. So far, however, the issue has not been discussed between the allies, he said.


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