Tomorrow the traffic rolls through hetzlos again

Tomorrow the traffic rolls through hetzlos again

Also the local inn can be approached again without problems.
The trench construction itself would not have been so extensive if it had not been for some additional underground work. As mayor gotthard schlereth (freie wahler/ CSU) mentioned in the castle meetings, the underground inspections had shown that both the water supply pipes and the sewer were no longer in the best of condition. Thus also the municipality had to participate in the mabnahmen and renew both lines.
The sidewalk, which was also renewed along with the street lighting, was also part of the complete reconstruction. The total cost for the municipality, to be borne proportionally by the residents, will amount to about 400,000 euros.

Just in time
One advantage is that local residents do not have to contribute to the construction of the road, according to the head of the civil engineering office, steffen kiesel. The trench construction was allowed to be about 300 000 euro. Overall, kiesel said, the mabnahme went well. "We are just under the specified construction schedule." As the road was mostly driven on one side despite the closure, the construction company had a somewhat more difficult time. But here, too, they wanted to accommodate the residents as far as possible.
Site manager andreas hahn on the tree inspection: "there are always points of discussion with this kind of work, but overall we can be satisfied with the way the tree inspection went. For the surface course, which was applied yesterday at four centimeters on top of the existing base course, about 200 tons of asphalt had to be brought in, the construction manager explained further. The head of civil engineering at the district authority, steffen kiesel, and the head of the construction company muller (andreas muller) saw for themselves that the men at the paver were working properly. Also, the straightedge, which was repeatedly placed on the finished pavement, confirmed that there are no irregularities in the surface layer.
With the mabnahme also the bus stop was renewed completely as well as the turning area was arranged again and asphalted. 


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