Theater stucco alice in wonderland with slapstick

Theater stucco alice in wonderland with slapstick

A talking rabbit, a wise cheshire cat and a clever caterpillar accompany alice on her journey through wonderland. Fresh, cheeky and fantastic, the talented lower school theater of the caspar-vischer-gymnasium put the theater material into practice in two performances.

The curtain in the school's well-filled forum is still closed, and alice can be seen sitting at a desk and sleeping. "I am not supposed to daydream in class!" She has to write 100 times as a punishment, but she finds it much more interesting to run after a female rabbit with a clock, who can also speak. She falls down the rabbit hole to the center of the earth. Alice, played by julina kohnlein and deborah kemnitzer, doesn't know where she is "perhaps on the other side of the world, where people walk on their heads?".

"The students chose this piece and were inspired by the disney movie in their selection." The two directors of the lower school theater, bettina boosz and bastian priemer, have been working on the play with the participants of the elective lower school theater course since september 2012. "A large part of the time was spent on extensive casting", says priemer.

Spontaneous ideas
In the realization of the play, the actors have largely stuck to the script, with the odd spontaneous slapstick thrown in during rehearsals. "But that won't get you into the recall", for example, the cunning caterpillar, skilfully mimicked by niklas smoky mouth, has to rate alice's singing abilities.

Ebay ads find their place in the stucco, as does the delivery of a well-known mail-order shoe company, which always causes hysterical screams. The young artists have the laughs of the audience on their side.

Efffective black light
On her surreal and bizarre journey, alice encounters all the familiar characters of history, from the mad hatter and his tea party to humpty dumpty and the queen of hearts. Shrill and with fantastic facial expressions, she presents the audience with a despot who demands the heads of her subjects at every opportunity.

The entertaining show was rounded off by a creatively designed stage set, which was created by students of the CVG under the direction of georg kostner. Particularly effective were the black light scenes, which underlined the fantastic nature of the performance.

At the end, director klaus gagel thanked all the performers, and the performers provided the last laugh of the evening: "you were the best audience we had this evening!"


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