The week: homeland protection and autumn crisis

The week: homeland protection and autumn crisis

This week came somehow everything together. Autumn got itself a veritable identity crisis, because suddenly winter arrived. In addition to the first snowmen in the harz, there was the nobel prize for literature – and boris becker once again came away empty-handed. Lothar matthaus was hit even harder, declared dead by the post office. Then this strange bishop with the strange name – there even had to be an ARD focal point. Finally, the no less strange lightning marathon. What a fuss over a few radar traps! In this context, it also emerged that the police liked it when people stopped saying radar trap – and instead called it speed checkpoint. We cannot do this favor, because the terrible word hardly fits into a newspaper headline.

Before the speeding marathon, a man thought he had to speed up again and drove into a construction site on the A7 at exactly 75 km/h too fast on tuesday. 135 instead of 60. Now he is allowed to run for three months. While in the rest of the country the action was limited to 24 hours, in bavaria it is once again exaggerated and a whole week of continuous speeding is carried out. The new state government is certainly behind this. Presumably the newly elected finance and home affairs minister markus soder. He is french and therefore one of us – so we read. You can also look at it the other way round: franconia is still a great place! With me the man releases no homeland feelings from. And what finances have to do with home is not clear to everyone.

Speaking of home. On wednesday there was a home television marathon. First, a winegrowing family from lower franconia was introduced. Then dettelbach could be admired in the stationen-magazine, followed by the bavarian tour from iphofen. Homeland feelings also arose during our friday questions, when kitzingen’s city councilor johannes lindner said that "passt scho" was the highest franconian praise – which we can expressly confirm.

What feelings those thieves had who broke open the box structure of the trailer at the mainfrankenpark on wednesday night and stole large quantities of ladies’ and men’s underwear is unfortunately not known. But since thieves are often allowed to have their pants full, maybe this wasn’t such a bad catch after all.

All that remains is for us to wish you a megamonsterschones weekend, complete with a snowball fight or two at the kirchweih stashausen. So that on monday, when your colleagues ask about your weekend, you can respond with exuberance: "that’s fine!"

The week always looks back on saturdays, what our authors have noticed in the past seven days.


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