“The stage is set for the sporting action”

A veritable "sports gala the gymnastics club altenkunstadt organized on saturday in the kordigasthalle. About eighty participants of all age groups offered a variety of broad sporting events and a lot of sporting highlights. More than once these were applauded by the enthusiastic audience.

"The stage is set for the sporting action, announced moderator kathrin krebs, when the first group made its appearance. The smallest members of the club from the department "mother, father and child, the children, holding hands with their parents, were able to let off steam to their heart’s content, and the course they had set up was like an "uphill and downhill course". In any case, the little girls and boys managed to delight the children’s hearts of all.

The exercise leader as a "leg"

Also at the "schwungtuch-hokuspokus" one had the impression, as if the "rubber men" were literally the colorful tucher swings. On the other hand, the boys thrilled the audience with their acrobatics, with exercise leader jurgen schneider in particular proving to be the "mainstay" proved, when they unfolded their arms in airy heights, almost like an airplane unfolds its wings.

"Magic dancer, this was the start of the second part of the program and it glittered and glimmered with groovy music on the stage. In a real "jumping magic the gymnasts of all age groups moved into the field of vision and offered a multitude of overhand strokes on the minitramp and over the box, so that there was spontaneous applause several times. "Everything is magic the girls performed handstands and balanced on the balance beam.

Flying displays and "witchy tricks

"Top gun", also known from the action movie of the same name, took center stage afterwards. Although there were no military jets on the stage of the cordigasthalle, the enthusiastic athletes literally flew over their teammates and all obstacles that stood in their way; undoubtedly one of the special highlights of the program.

Since the title of the evening was also somewhat associated with magic and sorcery, a "witch’s trio" was allowed to perform and a lot of these "little ones" were not missing witches presented themselves in colorful t-shirts. Performances on the uneven bars and the high bar, mostly combined with successful dismounts, were not to be missed.

The fact that the gymnastics club of altenkunstadt, which has almost 600 members, can offer sports for all age groups became clear in the final part of the event. Many people got the impression that the performers had the well-known slogan: "vital into old age" was taken up. Although the rollator was the leading piece of sports equipment, much to the delight of the entire audience, the "pensioner troupe nevertheless a remarkable sport spirit, even if some exercises did not look quite so strenuous.

Much to the delight of all the visitors, burgermeister robert hummer was then called out of the audience. There was also a "tailor-made sports program" for him, whereby he came quite already into the sweat. A long lasting applause was given to all small and big sportsmen, who partly even offered some gymnastic performances.


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