The old men show the young how it’s done

The old men show the young how it's done

Without hard duels and under renunciation of bolting and long shots the routiniers tried to raise their attack play with combinations, which often succeeded prima. In the schlobberghalle the host FC 06 bad kissingen prevailed. In the final, the team from kernstadt defeated FC fuchsstadt, which had stepped in at short notice, 7:1 after goals from waldemar bayer (2), oliver lutz, ervin gergely, klaus mittendorfer, christian laus and jorg holler. The honorary goal of the "foxes", who had played strongly up to that point achieved karl-heinz thoma. Third place went to the SG wirmsthal, who had been the first team to take part in the tournament, which was held for the 28th time. TSV sondheim/rhon, who were playing for the first time in the tournament, were beaten 3:2 by goals from marco six, stefan scheuring and klaus seufert. In the duel for fifth place, tsvgg hausen retained the upper hand over old city rivals TSV arnshausen, who, like their opponents, scored a number of aluminum goals.

Seventh place went to spvgg haard, who had a thrilling battle with post-SV. "It was a great tournament", FC chairman wolfgang werner was pleased, who did not want to miss the opportunity to compete with former competitors from other clubs once again. The tournament director hans waldner agreed, who had left the men’s qualifying tournament at the same place on saturday afternoon "because of the cruel play" had left early.


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