The final curtain falls

The final curtain falls

After 25 years it should be over. If one follows the statement of the author and director renate rosenbauer, then between friday, 12., and sunday, 14. October, for the last time the curtain for one of the popular theater plays of the michelauer amateur dramatic group.

It’s going to be a hearty and turbulent affair once again, when "zukunfticha rendne ausflipp’n" (future trends freak out). Renate rosenbauer emphasizes that this decision has nothing to do with the current squabbles in the michelau church community. The decision had already been made in advance, due to the associated high free time load.

In addition, all the members of the troupe work and continue to work as actors on a voluntary basis. The proceeds benefited the church congregation, which always enjoyed a full house with the actors at each of the four performances. Just before the final stint, demand for tickets seems to have stalled a bit. In any case, you can still buy tickets for all performances on friday, 12 p.M. At elektro rosenbauer am kirchplatz., saturday, 13., and sunday, 14. October, get tickets.

The fictional story, in which besides mayor helmut fischer, pastor roland hohr and again a surprise guest takes part, is certainly worth to be seen. It is about the turbulent plans of a prospective pensioner troupe. A sailing trip was just the right way to start retirement life. But the women had better not find out about these plans. A trip to bamberg serves as a test of endurance. Too bad one of the seniors has suddenly disappeared. But the happy ending is preprogrammed in the plays of the theater group of the protestant church community of michelau, despite the extremely turbulent events.


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