The elementary school is a worry

The elementary school is a worry

The official meeting of the market town council on tuesday evening began with a silent tribute to the recently deceased mayor of weisendorf, heinrich sub. Session leader and second mayor karl-heinz hertlein (CSU) praised the achievements of the committed and popular local politician. Sub has been very involved in local politics from the very beginning. "With his knowledge, his energy and his passion he stood up for weisendorf." Above all, justice, sustainability and transparency were close to his heart. "He often had a rough far-sightedness." The mayor has always been open to constructive compromises and has represented the market town of weisendorf in a number of committees, including supra-local ones. "We are all called upon to continue the communal political work in his sense", appealed to hertlein.

Four buildings instead of two

There was a lively discussion in the normal part of the meeting on the development plan with integrated landscape planning contribution "extension at the langweihergraben" whose change matthias ruhl of the buro stadt& land presented. In the meeting in may, the wish had been expressed to change the design of the roof. At the time, the two planned buildings also appeared to be too massive. Now the planner presented an alternative design, from two buildings to four, thus creating the possibility for a contemporary planning and building form. The building limits (building windows) were divided and reduced.

The buildings can alternatively be erected with two full stories and a free roof shape up to a maximum roof pitch of 26 degrees. There was a lively discussion about the pros and cons of desk roofs. Against the three votes of the greens the changed determinations were agreed upon. After incorporating the results of the may resolution and the current supplementary resolution, the draft development plan with landscape planning contribution will be put out to public view.

The fire protection of the elementary school was already on the agenda in june, and the explanations of the technical offices at that time had caused partial bewilderment in the market town council. The engineering firm valentin maier from hochstadt had been commissioned with the planning and consulting services for the fire protection concept of elementary school I; the result, which was presented by the experts in june, was then rather sobering. Although the school building had been renovated only eight years ago, the experts had found considerable deficiencies during their inspection. In addition, it was noted that there are no fire protection concepts for elementary schools I and II and that the fire protection infrastructures differ from one another, which also affects the alarm system in particular. However, this has nothing to do with the renovation at that time.

In the meantime, the engineering office valentin maier had worked out the conceptual design and discussed a number of points with the school management. In addition, the administration will also examine demand possibilities, because engineer thomas maier could not yet give a cost estimate in the meeting, but explained that it is "not exactly cheap" will be. The market town council decided to integrate the existing fire protection concept of the shelter and to eliminate the known deficiencies.

Among other things, the missing inspections must be made up for and a unit of use must be created for the nursery on the upper floor. The escape and rescue route concept is also being updated in line with requirements, and the necessary corridors are being designed without fire loads. The building alarm system will be equipped with automatic fire alarms and manual pushbutton alarms with backlit escape and rescue signs.

For the submission of a cost offer, the fee offers for the specialist planners of electrical engineering and for architectural services must now be obtained. "Only then is it possible to give a cost estimate for the structural acceptance", thomas maier explained in conclusion.

During the discussion, a possible liability issue against the planner of the last general renovation was also addressed. As karl-heinz hertlein explained, the administration will clarify this and report the results to the municipal council.


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