Snowden calls for end to mass surveillance

Snowden calls for end to mass surveillance

The author george orwell once warned of the dangers of this kind of information in his book "1984," snowden said in an alternative christmas message on the british broadcaster channel 4. However, the monitoring methods listed in the book are nothing compared to what is possible today.

"We all have sensors in our pockets that follow us wherever we go."The privacy of every human being is important and must be preserved.

According to the british newspaper "the guardian" on tuesday, the short film was made in russia in collaboration with filmmaker laura poitras, who had worked closely with snowden in publishing stories about the NSA. It was snowden’s first television appearance since his arrival in moscow, the guardian wrote.

Channel 4 has been broadcasting contributions from unusual but important personalities at christmas for 20 years now. It is supposed to be an alternative to the christmas message of queen elizabeth.


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