Small gems in a rough cast

Small gems in a rough cast

Eckehard kiesewetter ebern- peter rosenberg loves music, of course, and he loves ruckert, which he has proven for at least three years with the concept and the selection of pieces for the music days ebern. But the former concertmaster of the bamberg symphony orchestra loves even more. For example, his romanian hometown of cuj-napoca, from which he recruited the musicians for his "ruckert ensemble" recruited.

Number games

And he obviously loves the number games: two years ago they started with a quintet, and the following year they moved up to a sextet, and this time the concerts in september will feature a septet, an octet, and finally even a nonet. The 69-year-old speaks of "almost symphonic chamber music" and a "maximum step, the musicians of the national opera orchestra are then already represented in the town parish church in ebern in a small orchestra line-up. Rosenberg promises the audience: "this is a new dimension of sound that was not there before."

Three "preservation years the violin virtuoso and barbara gemeinhardt from ebern, the organizer of the ambitious series of events, had set themselves the task of playing with numbers; in its third year, the event seems to have found its regular audience. Gemeinhardt at any rate reports growing ticket sales figures. In addition, sponsors make sure that the organizers’ bill works out proverbially.

Demanding program

But financial feasibility is only one aspect. Above all, it is a matter of bringing a sophisticated cultural offer to the province and, at the same time, of promoting the city in the habberg mountains.

Barbara gemeinhardt reported on guests who had previously left ebern to the left (or right) when passing through, but who had now discovered during the music days what a nice little town awaits visitors on the edge of the route between bamberg and bad konigshofen.

Sounding name

The star of the music days is first of all peter rosenberg himself, who as the first concertmaster of the bamberger symphoniker from 1982 to 2015 earned himself a resounding name in the music scene. (continued with the detailed program on page 12)


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