Single bayern celebrate “jupp, jupp, jupp” – hoeneb order

single bayern celebrate 'jupp, jupp, jupp' - hoeneb order

During the atmospheric tribute to jupp heynckes in front of a sea of red and white flags, the champions bavaria switched back to attack mode.

Berlin triumphant niko kovac is to end munich’s youngest single season as the new coach, but the record champion is not planning a costly shopping spree. "We won’t invest any more, but we will get our players to play better," said a determined president uli hoeneb, taking his stars to task right away.

"We need one or the other player to perform at a high level in important games and not when you play against the weak opponents. And that’s what we have to work on," said hoeneb, who gave former bavarian pro kovac his first public work assignment during his lively cup weekend. Unlike hoeneb, karl-heinz rummenigge did not rule out a mega transfer with a price tag of 80 or 90 million for the new kovac squad. "We have no limit," said the chairman of the board of management. "We have not made a final decision yet."

For the third time in the past four seasons, munich will leave the season with just one of the three rough trophies. The sixth championship title at the stuck documents the exceptional position. But the proud FC bayern also wants to celebrate lasting victories in europe. As in previous years, the all-important final of the A-juniors was not contested.O.-play against real madrid nuances. After this unfortunate exit in the champions league, the plug was pulled in the bayern season; at the end of the season, there was still the 1:3 in the cup final against frankfurt.

"Something was missing in the final", admits rummenigge. The CEO reminded the 15,000 fans on marienplatz of the most painful season for heynckes. "We lost the last finale six years ago. Back then we even lost two. It’s important to always learn the right lessons from defeats."In may 2012 there was a 2:5 defeat in the cup final against dortmund, a week later there were tears in the "finale dahoam" against FC chelsea.

Rummenigge, fortunately for kovac, refrained from referring to the triple that followed twelve months later under heynckes during his speech. The desire for more trophies is huge among the ensemble around returnee manuel neuer, even without the boss’s announcement. "Next year we’ll attack again and then we’ll be standing here with more than one title," wembley hero arjen robben shouted to the cheering crowd of supporters. Heynckes thanked team and fans. "I would like to enjoy my life again from next week," said the 73-year-old. He wants to "get to normal temperature" and sleep in his "own bed" again.

How much the stars, dressed in traditional costumes, had liked to see their "jupp" off into retirement with the pot could be seen from their frustrated faces. "We shouldn’t be talked into saying this was a bad season," hoeneb said. They won the championship, played a "very good" champions league season and were "outstanding" in the DFB cup right up to the end.

But in the end trophies pay. Hoeneb had stressed a year ago that one title is too little in the long run. "Definitely, especially with the opportunities we had," agreed world champion mats hummels. Joshua kimmich spoke of a "brutally disappointing season".

For the first of three contractually agreed kovac years, the arrivals of leon goretzka (FC schalke) and serge gnabry, who has been loaned out to 1899 hoffenheim, have been confirmed so far. European champion renato sanches returns after his loan from swansea city. "Whether we will then be able to deliver the three months without any additions or subtractions is something i cannot seriously predict today," said rummenigge.

The contracts of veterans franck ribery (35), robben (34) and rafinha (32) were each extended by one year. Bayern talents like ron-thorben hoffman, lars lukas mai, meritan shabani and franck evina got professional contracts. The future of arturo vidal and jerôme boateng has already been the subject of speculation. Players like juan bernat or sebastian rudy were allowed to be unhappy with their roles.

"As of today, we won’t be signing any more players, but we’ll certainly be giving away one or two," said hoeneb. A costly access was "only come into question if one or the other was left us and we were the necessary money to collect. It does not look like it at the moment."


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