Senior citizens’ council thinks of lonely and needy people

Senior citizens' council thinks of lonely and needy people

"This is again a great action of the seniors’ council", praised mayor german hacker (SPD) in the office of the advisory board in the interim city hall, where more than 230 packages, small packs and bags were piled up.

The seniors’ advisory council and the seniors’ office show a heart for needy families as well as for lonely and single seniors again this year. The seniors’ office’s appeal to the people of herzogenaurach met with a resounding response.

Twelve years ago, the seniors’ advisory council started the christmas package drive for the first time. In addition to needy families, the recipients also include people in the retirement and nursing homes who only have a small amount of pocket money for themselves and who rarely or hardly ever receive visitors. Some people did not dare to come to the table, even though they were entitled to do so, said the chairman of the advisory board, brune soltau. At the handing over of the parcels trances were already loved and the people were happy that someone thinks of them.

Soltau was impressed by the "unprecedented willingness of the people of herzogenaurach to help" very grateful. As the chairman explained, there were even more people in the city who needed to be considered, but data protection prevented the release of names and addresses. "This is a very gross shortcoming, we would also like to make these people happy", regrets soltau. Some of the parcels go to the churches, which then distribute them, some are taken over by the management of the senior citizens’ homes, and the bags go to lebenshilfe. The filled bags were made possible by monetary donations, and soltau expressed particular thanks for two individual donations of 250 and 300 euros.

Claim to support

In connection with the christmas package drive, the mayor pointed out that there are people and families in the actually wealthy district, just like in herzogenaurach, who are not on the sunny side of life and need support. However, a large proportion of the recipients come from the generation that built up the country after the war and who are afraid to ask for help. That’s why hacker asked that those affected take advantage of help, because they are entitled to state support if needed.


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