Schondra: emergency shortly before christmas eve

Schondra: emergency shortly before christmas eve

The municipal workers in the schondra market had their work cut out for them on the night of the 23rd. On the 24. December to perform. The water pipe in marktstrabe had burst at a shut-off valve, so that the drinking water flowed uncontrollably into the ground. When the water was already gushing out of the market trench, quick action was required.

The municipal workers opened up the asphalt surface and dug three meters deep with the excavator. The damaged spot directly on the slide was quickly found. The water supply in marktstrabe had to be turned off for a short time in the late evening. The defective gate valve was replaced professionally, and the water supply in the market street could be switched on again the same evening.

Rough praise from local residents

The remaining work of filling and compacting the three-meter-deep hole was still being carried out by the construction workers on the 24th. December. Rough praise was given by interested burgers from the market street for the quick intervention of the municipal workers right at christmas time. Burgermeister bernold martin (CSU) supervised the work in adverse rough conditions, because the repairs had to be carried out in the dark in heavy rain.

Strong illumination of the construction site ensured safe working conditions. By christmas eve, there was almost nothing left of the dramatic action. The residents of marktstrabe only had to do without drinking water from the tap for a short time.


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