Schaeffler company recruits trainees in hochstadt

schaeffler company recruits trainees in hochstadt

3200 trainees currently housed by schaeffler worldwide. The company’s locations are spread all over the world: whether stratford in canada, nanjing in china or hochstadt in germany. Because that’s exactly where 90 trainees are currently working. And 29 new employees join the company every year.

On friday evening, the company held a career information evening to attract new faces to apply for an apprenticeship in 2019. Because recently there have been fewer of them: "the number of applications has gone down", notes training manager wolfgang sperber. He explains that many young people want to do dual studies. But there are only six places in hochstadt.

In order to overcome the first hurdles to an apprenticeship, schaeffler came up with a number of ideas at the career information evening. In addition to a presentation on the subject of online applications, a film was also made showing the conditions under which apprentices are trained. And those who were interested were able to see for themselves what they were doing.

220 visitors came

Current apprentices gave the 220 or so visitors a vivid account of their day-to-day work using machines and advice. One of them on friday was marc wehner, who is currently in his first year of training as a process mechanic. "The company is rough, but people still deal with each other in a familiar manner," he says, he is satisfied. In addition to his apprenticeship, there are five other apprenticeships at the hochstadt site: industrial mechanic, toolmaker, tension mechanic, industrial electronics technician, and industrial clerk.

Paul seren, head of training in germany, also appreciates this diversity: "we are a large group with different focuses," he says. What he likes about the hochstadt site is that people know each other and don’t remain anonymous.

Dealing with highly complex machines

A focus of the company is also industry 4.0. The trainees learn how to work with highly complex machines and how to solve problems. At the career information evening, for example, jonas riemer made bottle stoppers for the visitors, which were produced in one of the site’s most modern facilities.

Just a few meters away, johannes gebhart presented a 3D printer that he had built himself with his colleagues. He has just printed the schaeffler skateboard. It is supposed to represent the new urban mobility: first arriving by train and then the "last meters" riding an electrically powered skateboard. Thinking sustainably. This is the course that the company is taking.

The bio-hybrid is a vehicle that can be driven electrically, but where the driver still has to pedal, similar to an electric bicycle. But the bio-hybrid offers space for two inmates. In addition, a cargo variant is being planned, which will be used to transport coarser goods. Protected by a roof, the vehicle also offers comfort.
Things that the trainees should be involved in. At the same time, schaeffler also relies on the basic knowledge of the trade. Because grinding and maintenance are also part of the training occupations. It’s all in the mix.


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