Riot in upper franconia: drunk floods arrest cell

Riot in Upper Franconia: drunk floods arrest cell

Police were called to selb near marktredwitz in the night from tuesday to wednesday because of loud music. But even after ringing the bell and knocking on the door, no one opened it. After the extremely drunk resident could finally be taken out of his apartment by the fire department, the police brought him to a detention cell to be smoked out. But the case was far from over.

Unusual police operation in central franconia: squealing pigs in a screaming garden

when the fire department had broken open the door of the 49-year-old's apartment, the drunk was lying asleep on his sofa in the living room. An alcohol test showed 1.72 parts per thousand. After the man was finally awakened, he was not at all satisfied with the situation and became aggressive towards the police. In the end, the police had no choice but to take the drunk to the police station to smoke him out.

Clogging the toilets with blankets

After further insults against the police officers at the police station, the 49-year-old became even more aggressive. He didn't feel like sleeping anymore and started to riot in the arrest cell. From spab he put covers in the toilet and printed the coil. Finally the whole arrest cell was under water. Only then did the man calm down and finally continue his sleep in the cell.


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