Reconstruction of the buddenbrookhaus will be more expensive and take longer

Reconstruction of the buddenbrookhaus will be more expensive and take longer

The conversion of the buddenbrookhaus in lubeck will be considerably more expensive than planned. Instead of the previous estimate of around 20 million euros, costs of 25 to 30 million euros are now expected, a spokeswoman for the city said on tuesday.

The hanseatic city of lubeck justified this with the complexity of the building project. This would also postpone the reopening of the museum, originally planned for the end of 2022, once again. The spokeswoman said that the reopening is now expected in 2024. Previously, the "lubecker nachrichten" had reported that.

The buddenbrookhaus is to be expanded to include the currently empty neighboring house, which the city had already purchased several years ago with the help of the federal cultural foundation. This will double the exhibition space. According to the spokeswoman, the additional costs will be borne by foundations and the hanseatic city of lubeck.

In the new buddenbrookhaus, more space is to be devoted not only to thomas mann’s famous novel "buddenbrooks" but also to the work of the entire mann family of writers. Under the motto "from the parental home to humanity", the history of the "amazing family" – the "strange family", as klaus mann called it in 1936 – is to be traced there, from the beginnings in lubeck via the american exile to the return to europe.

The house in mengstrabe belonged to thomas mann’s grandparents. In his novel "buddenbrooks," he has created a literary monument to the house. Mann was awarded the 1929 nobel prize for literature for the novel published in 1901.

The house had been destroyed in the second world war, except for the facade. In 1991, the town of lubeck bought it and turned it into a heinrich and thomas mann center. In 1993 the buddenbrook museum of literature was finally opened. Since the end of 2019, the house has been closed for the duration of the renovation work.


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