Pure wordplay and acrobatics in kulmbach

Pure wordplay and acrobatics in kulmbach

A colorful program with attractive dance performances, some of which included real acrobatic feats, and witty butt speeches provided well over four hours of entertaining entertainment in the dr on saturday evening.-stammberger hall.

"When I was appointed senator last year, I asked if I could help the KFK in any way. I got the answer: yes, with a performance" wolfram brehm recalls. He then contacted frank wilzok, who spontaneously decided to participate. "Since my uncle erich olbrich always makes the night watch tours in the city, I had the idea to appear as a night watchman and in this way to communicate the latest news" tells wilzok. Together we started to work out the program, and the week before the meeting we rehearsed again intensively.

The tribute song by wilzok and brehm for OB henry schramm to the tune of "marmor, stein und eisen bricht" (marble, stone and iron breaks) created a real atmosphere in the hall, with people clapping and singing along enthusiastically. Wilzok and brehm didn’t mince words in their appearance – and even their own party friends from the CSU had to take a hard line. This is how karl theodor zu guttenberg looked really bad during a television appearance, according to their observation. "I just hope he doesn’t need a doctor now that he doesn’t have a doctor anymore" wished wilzok.

Stefan schaffranek wants to take part in the next RTL jungle camp and become jungle king: "because he’s only ever number 2 in kulmbach!" But the duo didn’t stop at the OB either. So after his re-election in the city park will be a 25 meter high "henry monument" erected, with the loschwasserbehalter from wernstein serving as the foundation. "In his left hand the marbled henry should hold a mabkrug, in his right a couple of kulmbacher bratwursts!" But not only that: as the duo has learned, pope benedict the XVI. Out of concern for the catholic church even appointed his successor…

With an enchanting performance, the KFK princes’ guard provided a visual and dance highlight at the end of the program, transporting the visitors to the fabulous world of "alice in wonderland escaped. The carnival dance group had previously delivered a no less grotesque spectacle. The audience was allowed to participate in a french masquerade ball at the court of prince louis francois I. De bourbon, who intended to ask for the hand of elisabeth of austria in the process. Above all the marche-like wardrobe made the visitors crazy.

With a colorful performance, the mannerballett hummeltal provided another high point, allowing the auditorium to participate in the life of wickie and his vikings. The "fantastic 4" presented a breathtaking show from the parkettfegern mainleus. The acrobatic, fast-paced show of the four girls really got the hall going.

"Arabian night KFK show dance mariechen marija beyer brought the carnival enthusiasts close, and the junior guard of the KFK had chosen the theme "monster" for their show dance selected.

The performances of KFK-dance girl sally mattes and the dance girl duo franziska schmidt and savina forster from the 1. Kulmbacher showtanzgarde as well as the gardetanze of the stopselgarde, the juniorgarde and the prinzengarde of the KFK, the grob mohrengarde of the bayreuther mohrenwascher and the mini-dancer of the 1. Kulmbacher show dance guard.
Birgit obermaier, as kuni from the kulmbach region, gave her "comments" on the current events of the past year in addition. As a man from the people, gotz kraschewski reported on his experiences at the kulmbach beer festival. Under the direction of thorsten wallsteiner, the original kulmbacher hofsanger played a powerful round of tunes.

The session began with the marching-in of the active guests, including the prince and princess svenja i. And sven I. (svenja fraas and sven gechter) and the child prince pair from the 1. Kulmbach show dance guard, lena I. And jan I. (lena troglein and jan gunther). The presidents of the meeting, reinhard ott and hartmut henninger, presented the honorary chairman, walter prosdorf, with a certificate and an honorary medal during the meeting.
On sunday afternoon the traditional carnival session for handicapped people and seniors took place again.


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