Potato and music enjoyment

potato and music enjoyment

In the protestant congregation of gleisenau "luthert it continues to be a huge. In the framework of the events for the anniversary "500 years of reformation" will take place next saturday, 21. October, at 18.30 o'clock in the community center in schonbrunn, a special event took place: the "luther potato festival".
This feast has been planned for a long time, because in the spring, the violet-colored potato variety "vitelotte planted and now harvested in autumn. As is well known, purple is the color of the evangelical church, and it is particularly suitable for an evangelical potato festival. This potato has a unique nutty and pithy flavor, almost similar to chestnuts. The substance responsible for the bluish color is even said to have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects. The potato is served with herring or curd cheese.

Around the potato

But that is by no means all. There are table speeches on "how the potato came to us", "the potato in agriculture today and in the past" and also about "potato varieties" is informed. A "little potato sermon" by pastor volkmar gregori must of course not be missing; there is the quiz "who will be luther potato champion?" And a "wirtshaussingen".
On tuesday, 31. October, at 10 a.M. There will be an ecumenical service in gleisenau and in the evening at 7 p.M. There will be an organ concert with one of the most famous organists of the present day, the principal organist christian schmitt of the bamberg symphony orchestra, who is at home on the organs of the world.
With cabaret in the church and refreshments from the cauldron during breaks, the event continues on saturday, 4. November, at 7 p.M., and on sunday, 5 p.M. November, there will be the luther day from 11 a.M., organized by the young community of gleisenau. 


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