Playing makes fun

There are far too few games, says franz noffke (REP), a member of the forchheim city council. There are hardly any inns where kartlers are still welcome. Noffke wants to counter this with an afternoon of games, which he is organizing for today, saturday, at the "sonne" inn on the vineyard path. From 14 o'clock is played.

What is played is left up to the guests. Card players are just as welcome as families who want to enjoy a board game or dice game with their children again. Muhle, dame or halma are ready and also schafkopf cards are waiting.

Saturday game day?

If the games afternoon is a success, it will become a permanent institution. Nowadays, says city councilor noffke, the value of the games is misunderstood.

An absolute novice could learn the basics of sheepshead in a quarter of an hour. Therefore, beginners are also welcome to the games afternoon. Afterwards, it is recommended to play hard and to practice playing cards. But franz noffke believes that it should not be pursued doggedly. After all, playing "schafkopfen" or games in general should be one thing above all: fun! 


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