Number crunching on corona

Number crunching on corona

Let’s take a look at the official announcements and numbers :

According to estimates by the world health organization (WHO), 80 percent of cases are mild, 13 percent severe and six percent critical.

WHO experts also estimate that – unlike in china, where the mortality rate was between three and four percent – only 0.7 percent of those infected in europe will die. So far, so good.

Then there is the statement of christian drosten, virologist at the berlin charite, according to which up to 70 percent of the german population will be infected with the virus (which can happen over a longer period of time).

Now let’s assume that there are 80 million inhabitants in germany. If 70 percent of them become infected, that’s 56 million people.

In 80 percent of cases, the disease is mild – in the opposite case, it is severe in 20 percent – i.E. In around 11.2 million people.

And if you now calculate that 0.7 percent of those infected die, then that’s…

Stop, I’m not calculating any further, otherwise I’ll actually panic.


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