New security concept for hirschaider kerwa

New security concept for hirschaider kerwa

One thing is clear: this year, hirschaid’s first mayor, klaus homann (CSU), will not be as relaxed as he was at the start of the kerwa last year. Although this year all the conditions for ensuring that nothing happens are actually optimized.

From a purely psychological point of view, albert hafner, head of the bamberg-land police department, can understand homann’s tension – after the events of the past year. "Here you are much safer than at the oktoberfest in munich", it dares nevertheless a prognosis.

What happened last year? Homann adds that the mayors of hirschaid are always present on alternate kirchweiht days. He had heard from his deputy about problems on the previous days, but had classified them under the category of the usual kerwa brawls. If he had known that young ladies from auswarts had arranged for the kerwa, he had reacted differently, he now explains.

In any case, on the one hand there were rough brawls, on the other hand there were sexual harassments. On a total of two days, and with such vehemence that quite a few of those involved had to appear in court afterwards and were also given prison sentences.

Avoiding incidents

The kerwa of last year is still in the bones of homann. Such should not repeat itself if at all possible. That’s exactly why the two executives are once again taking a look at the area where there was a lot of trouble last year: the area on the bridge, right next to the municipal building yard.

After the incidents, the first thing to be done last year was a rough review, i.E. Analysis, according to homann. As always, the fire department, DLRG, police, security service, municipal administration and mayor are also present. Then followed, with a view to the upcoming kirchweih, three rounds of discussions since this spring. The participants believe that this is justified, as the hirschaider kerwa usually attracts around 30,000 visitors on its four days.

In the meetings, the security concept was further expanded and, among other things, improved in terms of escape routes. Hafner considers the number of security personnel from the two companies – one contracted by the municipality, the other by the fire department – to be sufficient.

Before every major event, the licensing authority, which is usually the municipality, the organizer and the police sit down together to work out a security concept. As bad as the experiences in hirschaid were last year, they also have corresponding effects, notes hafner, it is known that there is a quick reaction and crackdown. Since then, this kind of thing – groups of young men from out of town who arrange to meet for such events – has not happened again, says hafner. If event organizers observe any signs of this, hafner advises informing the police in any case, so that they can be on the scene quickly in the event of an emergency.

"Organizers must be sensitized to special situations", explains markus dotterweich, who is a contact person at the bamberg-land police department for security at events.

Hafner reports that since the 1990s, security has also been deployed to a greater extent, which relieves the police, as they then only come in a targeted manner and otherwise carry out more important tasks. This also saves tax money, because security is paid for by the organizer, who after all also earns money.

What are employees of security companies allowed to do?? "In principle, what every burger is allowed to do." Of course, unlike regular stewards, who are often provided by the organizing associations, they are also specially trained and have passed an examination. In a demarcated area such as a marquee or a bar, they are allowed to exercise the house rules of the landlord, i.E. The organizer; for example, they can expel someone from the premises and, if necessary, drive them out, but also pull them out.However, behavioral stability must be guaranteed, hafner makes clear here.

Bag checks

What about bag checks? They cannot force the visitors to the festival, only ask them to do so. If someone refuses to comply, they have the option of calling the police and following them until the law enforcement officers arrive. Security guards are professional observers. Of course, the deterrent effect of security is often enough. For larger events, hafner assumes between four and twelve forces, in addition to the organizers’ stewards. They form an important interface, as the two officials know.

Back to the hirschaider kerwa: one hour before each major individual event, the police, mayor and organizers discuss the details of the concept with each other once again, and even in this way they are in close contact, according to the people involved.

Hafner does not believe that homann will contact him at 1:30 a.M. Again this year, but he will probably have his cell phone within reach during the kerwa days. Security.

Nevertheless, in view of the many large-scale events that take place throughout the year in the district, with easily over a million visitors, the number of offences and physical injuries is "negligibly small".


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