New regional marketplace in uehlfeld: things are moving in the center of town

New regional marketplace in uehlfeld: things are moving in the center of town

A new regional marketplace is currently being built in uehlfeld, one that is intended to further revitalize the town center. Directly on bundesstrabe 470 opposite the two banks, the municipality tore down the old rewe market. There was open space behind it that was to be used. The discounter chain norma showed interest, as mayor werner stocker (CSU) explained during a tour of the construction site. "We were pleased that norma was interested in us", says stocker.

According to norma expansion manager mirco schrameyer, the initial plan was to build a store on the town square, i.E. On the outskirts of the town. "But we didn’t like that either", explains schrameyer. The concept of norma is to stay with the people in the center and not to build stores on green meadows. The mayor showed him the possible flat area inside the town: 8000 square meters. "This is also a new way for norma", explains stocker.

Core is revived

Now the core of the village is being revived, because those responsible came up with a concept that should be more than just a supermarket. In addition to the discounter, the new building will also house the merkel bakery, which plans to invite customers to linger in a cafe.

Inside the building, you can walk through to the discounter, and another building is being constructed outside, adjacent to the old rossner butcher’s shop. The already existing lotto store will move here and expand its assortment, explains schrameyer. In addition to a post office, which already exists in the store today, gifts will also be sold. In the second building there is another sales area, the use of which is still unclear.

The two separate buildings of the discounter with the bakery and the lottery store are connected by a common parking lot, which offers more than 70 parking spaces. "We hope that this will create a new center that will revitalize the town center", says schrameyer.

Two electric charging stations for electric cars are to be installed on the parking spaces. Norma is also planning several charging stations for e-bikes. The parking lot will be usable also outside the opening hours. But the burgers should above all also to fub to the new "regionalmarktplatz" can come, which is why an official fubweg crosses the complete land.

Burgermeister stocker already sees a strong center in his village: in addition to the banks, there is also a hairdresser, doctors, a baker, butcher and a curtain shop in the core.

The shell of the two buildings is already standing, on the norma and the bakery building is already a roof. "We are very much on schedule", says schrameyer. There had been delays due to approvals. According to stocker, the building permit only came a few months ago.

According to norma, the regional marketplace is to be completed between may and june, but the excavation facilities are still a factor of uncertainty. If there is ground frost or if it is too damp, schrameyer says that construction cannot go ahead.

New roost for bats

In addition, about 30 bats had nested in the old rewe market and have now been relocated to emergency quarters next to the construction site. After completion, a bat consultant will be consulted to find a suitable location for the animals’ summer quarters, says stocker.

For the cold months, however, the entire regional marketplace will be equipped with a district heating network so that customers do not have to freeze while shopping. The construction workers, on the other hand, will probably have to put up with a few more cold days on the building site.


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