New compact hose maintenance system for allianz communities

New compact hose maintenance system for allianz communities

As an "excellent example of meaningful cooperation in an inter-municipal alliance" bad bocklet’s mayor andreas sandwall (CSU) described the purchase of a compact system for hose maintenance and pressure testing, which was unanimously approved by the municipal council on tuesday and is to be used jointly by all fire departments of the municipalities of bad bocklet and nudlingen. While oberthulba and burkardroth, as other member communities of the kissinger bogen alliance, have no need, but on the other hand the fire hoses from bad bocklet (295 hoses) and nudlingen (321) cannot be maintained in the modern burkardroth facility for capacity reasons, there have been "for many years", the mayor went on to say that there is a great need for investment in the hose maintenance and hose testing equipment of the bockelt and nudlingen fire departments.

The hose towers and tower drying systems of the bockelt weirs are in need of renovation anyway, explained company manager thomas beck to the municipal councils. According to the current fire department requirements plan, it also makes sense for the further structural development of the seven fire departments to no longer carry out hose maintenance in the respective fire station in the future. Also, by using a shared compact facility standing in noodles, the defense forces could save on the maintenance costs of their own towers.

The investment is "relatively unproblematic", beck facilitated the approval of the municipal councils and referred to the applicable requirement guidelines, according to which, for reasons of economy, only hose maintenance facilities that are used by several fire departments are required under the fire department grant guidelines, which is why a sole bocklet facility was not required.

"It’s easier than buying a new fire truck", also confirmed the mayor. The new compact plant will cost just over 80,000 euros, of which 20,000 euros will be covered by the state of bavaria. The remaining 60,000 euros will be shared equally by the communities of nudlingen and bad bocklet, each payable in 15 annual installments. The billing of future maintenance and operating costs still has to be agreed in detail with the municipality of nudlingen, which will be the owner of the plant.

Enormous effort for volunteers

After the commissioning of the new compact plant, the bockelt fire brigades will hand over the used hoses after an operation in noodles and take the same number of hoses from the supply shelf right back again. However, beck responded to a question from council member martin eisenmann (grune) by saying that this would require ten to 15 new hoses to be purchased in advance for stockpiling. The hoses delivered to nudlingen will later be cleaned there by a plant attendant responsible for this task, according to his time possibilities. "If we have a common hose pool, 90 percent of our problems will be solved and our volunteer firefighters will have less time on their hands", manager beck stated and was supported by councillor christian horn (CSU), commander of the volunteer fire department bad bocklet: "cleaning and checking the hoses after every operation is a huge effort for our volunteers."

Like horn, the other six commanders had already agreed to the acquisition of a maintenance facility to be shared in nudlingen, as had the nudlingen town council four weeks ago. Now that the bockelt council has also given its approval, the state claim will be applied for and the plant will be ordered in the fall so that it will be ready for use next spring.


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