Need at the segnitz fire department

The segnitz fire department is in need: there are not enough personnel, especially young firefighters are missing.

At the burgers’ meeting on thursday evening, mayor marlene bauer therefore made an urgent appeal to the people of segnitz to get involved in the fire department. "This is a serious matter" she said.

But it will not remain with this appeal, announced bauer: in order to recruit new blood, all segnitz residents between the ages of 18 and 50 will be invited to the community center on 8 march. March to the community center. There, together with district fire officer roland eckert, the urgency of the situation is made clear to them.

Because the excuse that the marktbreiter fire department on the other bank of the river main is well organized is a fallacy. At times of high water, neighboring fire brigades have no chance of getting to segnitz. In addition, the local knowledge of the local fire brigades is often of great importance for the new recruits during rough operations. "We hope," said bauer, "that everyone will see it as their duty to participate."

What bauer did not say: if a voluntary fire department does not materialize, then a compulsory fire department must be set up. According to the bavarian fire department law, the municipalities can then call on municipal residents to serve in the fire department. "We have to make sure that we get firefighters," says bauer.

The mayor added that christian ziermann, who had been the commander of the segnitz fire brigade for many years, would not be standing for re-election. Here, too, a successor is being sought. But there’s no reason for potential new firefighters to panic, because they can only be elected as commanders after at least four years of service.


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