Music and audience in close contact

Music and audience in close contact

It was late: until half past one in the morning, the 8000 festival guests were allowed to listen to the songs on the meadow in front of the banz monastery on a summer’s eve. Varied program: young talent, established artists, world stars.
How is the "new"? The new one, that is matthias brodowy. A northern light. He now took over as host from bodo wartke. Also a northern light. Brodowy was a wonderful conversationalist, someone who knew how to tell stories without any trace of chumming up to the audience. On wednesday he did not know that he would have an "anchor place" in the future will have in the obermain valley. A franciscan priest friend had married the former catholic theology student brodowy in hanover. The father was transferred: to vierzehnheiligen of all places. Immediately after arriving on wednesday, the new "I went to see him," she said with a laugh.

Bright change of color

15 meters high, the transparent stage structure rises into the evening sky. When it gets dark, it begins to change its colors luminously. Among them also woodstock legend melanie performed under cover. "Woodstock in bad staffelstein", she said, laughing, and was quite the unapricious-cheerful former world star, whose voice had always been brittle and yet remained firm. Their songs "what have they done to my song, ma?", or a modified version of their big success "ruby tuesday" brought out the first miracle candles in the audience. Son beau, an excellent guitarist, also accompanied them on an electrified viola da gamba. When he drove his mother off the stage, an autograph request was already waiting for him. He was happily preserved, a chat as a trifle. "She has remained human", so the presentee. A little later beau sprinted towards a car behind the stage, whose tires were spinning in a sand pit. The virtuoso with bodybuilder figure lifted it from the sand, laughed and sprinted back.
A familiar sight for 26 years. Visitors, sitting on blankets, walk in close proximity to each other. Duzstimmung among music lovers. "Here I have time, here I want to be", conveys this picture. When a festival guest in the audience suffered a sugar shock during claudia koreck’s performance on saturday evening, koreck thought an interruption was appropriate. Sanitater help quickly, the worry may be cursed, everything will be fine. There was no carrying on in the sense of business as usual, but the serious concern for the well-being of this person, which was noticeable around the stage area among the concert organizers. Familiar.
Heinz rudolf kunze condenses coherences, dominik plangger’s timbre captivates, giora feidman’s klezmer lightens up the evening and konstantin wecker woos and ensnares the audience as only he can. An eloquent. 30 meters away he is admired by christel bittdorf-rasch and ulrike lunzer. The two women from the meiningen area are first-time visitors. "Finally", as they say. "We have been doing this for years. Because the palette is broad and you can experience new blood that you would not otherwise encounter." They marvel until the last note fades away.
There, under the stage construction, which shines sometimes green, sometimes blue, sometimes orange. It radiates far into the main valley.


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