Mud upbeat with the “wild girls

mud upbeat with the

Actually a good idea of RTL, to send twelve more or less known trash-TV-greats with luscious breasts and unrecognizable sprayed lips into the desert. However, the nomadic people of the himbah had to be buben for it, finally the ladies were accompanied with the camera thereby. The result was shown for the first time on wednesday in the show "wild girls – on high heels through africa" to "marvel" at.

For all those who have been waiting for "the jungle camp" here you can find the matching t-shirt

After an uneventful introduction of the candidates, each with a brief biography (silicone bunny sophia wollersheim, 25: "i"m bert wollersheim"s wife"), the first tears of wine flowed quite quickly. Either out of pity for the himba (fiona erdmann, 24: "they don"t have anything") or out of pity for a goat that was slaughtered in honor of the new arrivals. "I talked to her earlier and she wagged her tail. It"s like I"m eating my dog and stuff", stammered sarah knappik (26) in tears. This in turn made erdmann furious. "Get your act together", she drove at her roommate and repeated for safety"s sake: "they have so little anyway and are doing this especially for us, so we have to show a little respect now."

And otherwise? Kader loth (40) willingly touched her breast, ingrid pavic (25) got a sunburn on her decollete and actress barbara engel(60) clawed a defenseless himba baby for a cuddle. Somehow C-list celebrities eating sheep testicles and camel penis were more entertaining in the australian jungle.


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