Much to do for police and rescuers around the coburger steinweg

Much to do for police and rescuers around the coburger steinweg

Nevertheless, these confrontations kept the police and the emergency room in the coburg hospital quite busy on sunday night.

According to the police report, it started shortly after midnight in the schenkgasse: a 29-year-old and a 27-year-old got into an argument in a guesthouse. The two young men, who were actually friends, were heavily intoxicated. The older man hit his friend in the face with his fist, causing his denture to break.

The rescue service took the injured man to the hospital for treatment. While recording the facts, the officers discovered that the hit man was wanted on a warrant of arrest. He was able to avoid the pending prison sentence by paying a not inconsiderable amount of money. "Whether the two will remain friends remains to be seen", it says in the police report.

About an hour later, an argument got out of hand in a discotheque in steinweg. A 23-year-old and a 30-year-old "beat each other black and blue and then sought their salvation in the escape", it says in the report. An officer from the neustadt police station was on duty in coburg and stopped the escape. The drunken brawlers were also taken to hospital for their minor injuries.

At 4.30 o’clock a young asylum seeker, who was walking with his girlfriend in the lohgraben, attacked a 20-year-old man for no reason and scratched his face. The 20-year-old was riding with three friends when he was taken into a headlock by the 21-year-old syrian.

When the police arrived, the syrian and his girlfriend were lying in the street. Due to the high level of alcohol, he was unable to explain why he was now lying on the floor. He also had no visible injuries. His girlfriend, however, complained of back pain and could no longer stand up on her own. She, too, was taken to the hospital by the ambulance service.

The night ended for the police in the guesthouse in the schenkgasse, where the operation had begun: a 31-year-old man hit a 19-year-old with his fist on the mouth and fled. However, his personal details are known. The highly intoxicated 19-year-old also came to the hospital.


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