Making a strong case for the kulmbach campus in munich

making a strong case for the kulmbach campus in munich

Since the state government’s decision last year, the city of kulmbach and the university of bayreuth have been working on implementing the project. An important step in this process is the inclusion of the transfer in the 2019/20 double budget of the free state of bavaria, for which the mayor of hamburg, henry schramm, once again spoke out in munich. There he met with science minister marion kiechle and finance and home affairs minister albert furacker. The minister of science was particularly interested in the research focus of the new faculty. OB schramm: "the minister had an open ear and was very positively disposed towards our request. That’s great, especially now, when it comes to shaping the project."

Enormous upfront costs

A lot has happened since the cabinet’s decision: "we have acquired buildings and land for future use by the university and are working hard to find transitional solutions so that teaching can begin in 2020. We are currently in the process of drawing up an urban development framework plan," explains the mayor, and added: "the city of kulmbach and the university of bayreuth have already made enormous advance contributions. It would now be very important to be included in the next double state budget with the corresponding construction funds in order to be able to finance the planning services."
The goal of the oberburg master is to hold a round table together with the university of bayreuth in order to present the current status and the content concept to the new, responsible ministers of state. The minister of science has confirmed the date.


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