Luther, the emperor and the fdp

Luther, the emperor and the fdp

He enters the door beaming, even if a little late. "Blame the ICE", says heubisch.He arrived too late in nurnberg, and the regional train to upper franconia left him in front of the nose. Moreover, before the visit to coburg there was an appointment in kulmbach. The visit to the veste on tuesday was practically self-imposed by the former minister and dentist: after all, as minister for science and art, he had "initiated the luther exhibition", as he emphasizes. At the end of the visit, heubisch will say that it was the right decision to open the exhibition "knights, peasants, lutherans" to coburg, since the coburg fortress is an authentic luther site.
Klaus weschenfelder, director of the art collections, and fabian fiederer from the three-headed exhibition management team from the haus der bayerischen geschichte (hdbg), personally escort the guest and the local FDP celebrities through the exhibition.
At least there is time for a few mutual compliments. Fiederer and weschenfelder report that the day before the 90000 visitor was buried, and they order pit from richard loibl, director of hdbg. "I’m supposed to tell you: when you were a minister, it was already special", says weschenfelder, and heubisch beams even more.
Then we’re off: the group hurries through the rooms at high speed. There is a lot to see, and heubisch takes the time to take a closer look at some of the exhibits. The historical road map, for example, where coburg is (coincidentally) in the center, or the display table where visitors can guess what the farmers lived on in the 16th century. Century ernahrten. Actually, this table was intended more for the children, explains fiederer. But the guessing game appeals to all age groups. "Yesterday the technology failed. There were tumultuous scenes among the seniors", tells the exhibition director. The FDP group also gets to work promptly and pushes pictures of foodstuffs across the screen.

Lindner and merkel

The first part of the exhibition portrays the living conditions of the early 16th century. The history of the nineteenth century, from the structure of society to everyday life in town and country, from the importance of religion to court life. Against this background, we move on to the reformation and its (political) consequences. Historically, martin luther and emperor karl V met each other. In 1521 at the diet of worms. In the exhibition is symbolically set in scene, how: luther has editions of the bible and his books at his side, the emperor is flanked by signs of spiritual and secular power. "It’s like lindner against merkel", heubisch comments dryly. Christian lindner is the FDP chairman, and his relationship with the chancellor is not said to be a particularly good one.
But otherwise politics is left out. Wolfgang heubisch stands enthusiastically in front of the (reconstructed) death that strikes the hour on the lowen, he looks appropriately impressed at the original luther writings in the luther room and amuses himself in the room with the pamphlets when fiederer explains that the pictorial satire certainly has its origin in protestant propaganda. "Thank you", heubisch says simply at the end of the tour.


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