Ludwig topfer lives for music

Ludwig Topfer lives for music

The all-round talent born in tannfeld in the highlands of the jura is widely known. After the war, topfer co-founded the local singing society and strengthened the choir for more than 50 years. His musical ear is phenomenal, musicality is innate to him.
"I learned to play on an ancient accordion when I was four years old," he says with a gleam in his eye. "His mother sang songs like hanschen klein, fuchs, du hast die gans gestohlen, or kommt ein vogel geflogen (a bird flies). And I learned." When he was six years old, his mother bought a bandonica with the butter money – his parents were farmers. This was the foundation stone for your son's career as a musician.

Love note to the wife

Besides his job as a farmer and his later activity as an employee of the kulmbach savings bank, ludwig topfere's whole love belonged to the instruments. "I played the accordion the most, but I also play the trumpet and the saxophone, and I can also entertain on the piano and the keyboard." To prove it, he sits down at the home organ in his living room and belts out a song he composed himself. It is a declaration of love to his wife mina, to whom he has been married for over 50 years.
He started to play in the band at the age of 15 – as a trumpet player with the band schwarz in trumsdorf. After that he led the band "tornados" from 1965 to 1983 and flamingos", was on the road in upper franconia and later made a name for himself as a solo entertainer until 2007. "I can already put together more than 5000 appearances. The dance halls, beer tents and pubs were my second home", says topfer, who still remembers when people in fenkensees called out at 1 a.M.: "ludwig, play the morning service again."


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