Kronach middle school has 132 fewer students than in 2007

Kronach middle school has 132 fewer students than in 2007

In 2007, 449 students from the communities of kronach and wilhelmsthal attended the gottfried neukam middle school. Now, only 317 attend, 61 of them from the neighboring community. A further decline in the number of students in the area of the middle school kronach as well as in the other middle schools in the area of the middle school kronach should also lead the state education authority kronach to consider whether a new school area division had to be considered in the area of the current middle schools in order to create at least one high-performing middle school that can offer all three required branches, he said.

The school association of kronach III, for example, still considers it a mistake to have spun off the former weibenbrunn municipality in order to create a larger school unit in the south of kronach, which in the end could not be implemented in the intended form.

A school that offers all types of education must also be financially efficient, it was emphasized at the meeting. The association apportionments of the two association municipalities of kronach and wilhelmsthal alone are not sufficient to bear the entire burden for such a school. A review of the guest school contributions was also addressed.

Remediation necessary
As far as the renovation of the technical classroom wing is concerned, both mayor wolfgang beiergroblein () and city councilor wolfgang hummer (CSU) affirmed the necessity of it. "It is a "purpose-built" building, hummer stated. From the roof to the sanitary facilities, structural alterations are necessary.

Currently, the construction phase of the technical class wing is being carried out, which is associated with a burden on the school association. The funds for this investment decrease cannot be obtained from the current administrative activity. For this reason, borrowing is necessary to repay the investment cost allocation. In the 2013 budget year alone, therefore, a loan of 501,000 euros will have to be.100 euro are requested. Due to the renovation of the technical classroom wing, a total of 1.960.900 euros were borrowed. Already for the 31. December 2012, the liabilities of the school association amounted to 1.015.038,74 euro.

570.000 euros levy
The school association levy has been increased to a total of 570 euros.000 euros, of which 110 euros will be used for the school, depending on the number of students.000 euros on wilhelmsthal. Per association schoolboy this means 1798.11 euro.
As far as school numbers are concerned, principal anita dauer spoke of a certain stability. On the completion of the first phase of construction of the technical classrooms, she pointed out that the rooms were functional and bright and that the children enjoyed spending time in them. She also referred to the school graduation ceremony, which will take place on friday, july 19, at 7 p.M. July, at 7 p.M.


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