Kindergarten places are enough

Martin hempfling from the youth welfare planning department of the district of forchheim discussed the childcare situation for children not yet of school age with the market town council of wiesenttal. There are 63 children between the ages of three and six and 59 between the ages of one and three in the municipality.

The concern of the council members that the number is not enough for school year classes is not justified, at least for the next few years. However, some classes will be only 15 or 16 children strong. There is also no need to improve the situation for regular children between the ages of three and six. The 75 places in the protestant kindergarten and in the forest kindergarten streitberg are sufficient for the next few years. Although quite a few foreigners also attend the forest kindergarten, this is compensated for by the fact that children from wiesenttal are mainly in ebermannstadt.

Of the 59 children under the age of three, one third do not need extra-family care. The demand for daycare places is significantly lower than the county average. Hempfling calculated a space requirement for 21 children. That’s nine more than there are places so far.

The council also dealt with objections and suggestions regarding the change in the land use plan. It became necessary because small industrial areas are to be designated in wustenstein and stornhof; in engelhardsberg it is about a photovoltaic plant and in birkenreuth it is about the production of firewood (splitting and drying land). In stornhof, a former farm has been turned into a car repair shop.


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