Free passage between volkach and prosselsheim

Free passage between volkach and prosselsheim

It’s done: the state road between volkach and prosselsheim along vogelsburg has been rehabilitated, traffic has been flowing since the weekend. And now the new traffic routing is also clearly visible.

Previously, access to vogelsburg was possible from both volkach and prosselsheim, but now it is no longer possible to turn left at the lower entrance. A solid line on the roadway as well as the invisible round sign with a white arrow pointing straight ahead on a blue background point to this fact. A good 100 meters further on, the main road has been widened considerably and a new left-turn lane has also been built there. The road is wide enough so that caravans can also turn into the hairpin bend without any problems.

Those who want to turn in the direction of volkach in the future will find the exit at the end of the parking lot. And there, drivers were also only allowed to turn right in the direction of volkach. The state road, which is now completed between the exit of volkach and the turnoff to escherndorf, may only be driven at a speed of 50 km/h for the next few weeks, and overtaking is prohibited. The reason is simply the new pavement, it should have the opportunity to sit down in peace.

However, the joy of motorists driving to prosselsheim and on to wurzburg will be considerably dampened as soon as they reach the turnoff to escherndorf. For after this turnoff, the road continues over the bumpy hump track. The background is the planned bypass of prosselsheim, and it is far from clear how exactly the route will run and when construction will begin.


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