Fos herzogenaurach continues to have bad cards to play

The reactions ranged from regrettable (jorg bubel) to disappointing (doris wustner): at its meeting yesterday morning, the district school committee had no choice but to take note of the statements made by district administrator eberhard irlinger (SPD). A technical high school in herzogenaurach currently has no chance of approval, he said.

At the request of the SPD and CSU, the head of the district had once again sought clarification from the ministry of education, but he was unable to elicit any better news from the ministerial director, german denneborg. On the contrary: the attitude has become even more critical, irlinger said. A rejection is not to be rutteln at present.

The ministry referred to school numbers for the current school year that had been obtained from the surrounding locations of erlangen, furth and forchheim. In the initial classes, there are 28 students in the field of technology, 39 in economics and 31 in social studies. Denneborg writes to the district administrator: "this means that the (…) reliable dual-training capability not achieved by a long shot".

Another reason for rejection was munich's concern about the FOS erlangen, which was already experiencing a decline in school numbers and would be affected by a school in herzogenaurach. And as a third point, the ministry mentioned the private technical high school in hochstadt. These would then be "massively impaired" by a state FOS in the vicinity.

Bubel: need is there
Jorg bubel (SPD) did not like these statements, because he could very well see a demand for training. The private school in hochstadt shows that "the need is there".
CSU-county councilor doris wustner echoed the previously voiced attitude of county councilor irlinger to take note of this statement now, but not to lose sight of the project under any circumstances. After all, the ministry is not offering any new arguments, she said.

Machine technology is booming
Jorg bubel referred to the possibility of a cooperation with the technical high school erlangen. That had been suggested there. However, the district administrator stated that such cooperation would only make sense "if we get a school". Doris wustner saw the background of this proposal from erlangen in the fact that one got money from the district with it. "I stay on the ball, promised eberhard irlinger. "It is still right and important if we got a technical high school".

However, the municipal technical school for mechanical engineering, which was launched at the vocational school site in herzogenaurach in september 2011, has been well received. As irlinger explained, two grades of school are already being attended. All available 66 places have been allocated without problems. In addition, numerous registrations for the following years were already received.

At this technical school one wants to introduce possibly a branch mechatronik. Here still had to be spoken. In the first quarter of next year, the district administrator intends to have the matter decided by the district committees.


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