For peaceful coexistence: kronach sweden procession commemorates courageous women

for peaceful coexistence: kronach sweden procession commemorates courageous women

The women still walk in front of the holy of holies: first held 384 years ago, the sweden procession in kronach still offers this unusual sight. With the procession, the people of kronach commemorate their victory in 1634. The swedish procession is not only a thank you for being spared, but also a plea for peaceful coexistence among the people of the city – and a thank you to the brave women who played a decisive role in the three-year war.

As the northernmost stronghold of the bishopric of bamberg, kronach was frequently exposed to enemy attacks, but the burghers successfully defied all attempts at conquest. In 1634, however, they faced an overwhelming number of attackers. When the men, weary from battle, wanted to give up, the hour of the energetic women came. Armed with cobblestones and boiling water, they put their opponents to flight.

Promise redeemed

Year after year the people of kronach keep their promise and make the sunday after fronleichnam the sunday of sweden. In the texts and prayers along the processional way, current concerns are put in focus. Numerous visitors lined the path of the peace and thanksgiving procession from the town church to rosenberg fortress. This year, the testimony of deep piety was given special splendor by the participation of auxiliary bishop herwig gossl from bamberg, who held the morning service together with city pastor thomas teuchgraber and chaplain andreas stahl.

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The suffragan bishop referred to the gospel he had heard earlier, in which jesus asks his young: "who do the people think i am??" The main focus was on people who stood out because they had special skills or were already or had already done something rough. "When we look at jesus, we do not see a radiant victor, but a humiliated, failed human being", he made it clear that the sight of jesus – viewed superficially – is anything but for us" attractive" be. Just as jesus is not concerned with superficialities, but with an intimate relationship with him, with following him, the same applies to the procession.

Flower decorations and candles

This was attended from the political side by district administrator klaus loffler with kronach’s first mayor wolfgang beiergroblein and his deputies angela hofmann and markus wich, as well as other city council members. This year, too, the processional route and many houses were decorated with flags, rich floral decorations, candles and sacred motifs. This also applies in particular to the four main altars, which were once again designed in an imaginative way.

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For the first altar at the war memorial at the foot of the fortress, the catholic youth was responsible, this year under the motto "youth for future". The young people read excerpts from greta thunberg’s speech to world leaders at the 2018 climate summit.

Importance of work

Since 1982, the KAB kronach has been organizing an altar station at the fortress, this time under the motto "work is half of life". Company chaplain eckhard "joey" schneider and KAB local chairman georg barnickel emphasized the elementary importance of work for us humans. It can fill our lives, but it can also make us vulnerable and susceptible.

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The design of the third altar was the responsibility of the kronach kolping family, which is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the constitution this year the federal republic of germany adopted. Fundamental and human rights play a central role here. Finally, the path led from the fortress back to the melchior otto square.


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