“Fools garden” let the habfurt people dream

Whether 30 million television viewers, 100,000 fans at live concerts or 60 guests in an intimate setting: peter freudenthaler and volker hinkel, who founded the band "fool's garden" in 1991, have a lot to say about their audience have always given their all. "It's not the quantity that counts, but the quality", said the two at their performance in the rathaushalle in habfurt "and you are really great", they praised their audience "we had a lot of fun today"."

Very close
A "gentle, exclusive, up-close" concert peter freudenthaler had promised the visitors, and kept his word. Because in the intimitat of the rathaushalle the public came not only into the benefit of the wonderful songs, but also the charming and humorous moderations of the sanger. Although peter freudenthaler the hit "lemon tree" written and with the band "fool's garden" has celebrated world successes, he has remained without staralluren.

New songs
After the separation of two of his band members in 2003, he founded the new band "fools garden" with the other founding member volker hinkel founded, which continues to play rock and pop music from the pen of peter freudenthaler and volker hinkel, partly in the style of their idols, the beatles.

In habfurt he enthused the audience even without the complete band, but with volker hinkel (guitar) at his side. He led through the program, which included some songs from the latest studio cd "who is jo king", in a sympathetic and charming manner?" The cover for which was created by klaus voormann, who designed the legendary revolver cover for the beatles. With songs like "glory, "cook it a while", "suzy", "wild days "innocence" or "count on me", which peter freudenthaler wrote for his second daughter, and "water, which he dedicated to his father, the two musicians spread a great atmosphere.

Background stories about their first composing stays in france and later in mallorca or about a performance in bad mergentheim, where they played a song with an english fantasy text and didn't know that there were many english people in the audience, who of course didn't understand a word, loved the listeners often and laughed heartily.

Where is the luck? Since at the moment!
"There is no increase of happiness, but only many moments of happiness", said peter freudenthaler and referred to "wild days". "It was our first song that was ever played on the radio", he said "and that was a absolute moment of happiness for us!"

Because the audience liked to sing along so much, the singer said: "i'm thinking of getting myself burgled in habfurt and founding the chorus 'eintracht frohsinn habfurt." In general, the guests were worthy of the frontman's praise: "you are not only capable of top vocal performances, you also clap like world champions and are then quiet as mice again". You guys are really great!"

The concert, which ended after three encores, was also attended by the founder and first chairwoman of the fan club "closer to fools garden", sonja demel from goppingen, came to recruit members. "The music is just great, and the musicians have remained so natural", she was happy. This was also confirmed by guests from chemnitz, who had come especially for the concert. They emphasized that they liked the beautiful atmosphere of the town hall and the interaction of the two friendly musicians with the audience very much.

"The combination of wit, good music, known and unknown songs" also sarah hau from wulflingen was thrilled. The 17 year old was not a fan of "fools garden", but she was a fan of the song, but wanted to meet the band. "They are full-blooded musicians, who you can see that they love to play and sing", she said. "Although they already played on rough stages, they made the best out of tonight's show!"


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