Fire department honors loyal members and looks back on milestone in its association history

Fire department honors loyal members and looks back on milestone in its association history

As chairman martin schug said at the main meeting of the fire department in the "old school in his review of the past year, the fire department has a staff of 53 members. 33 of them are active members. In relation to the number of inhabitants of loffeld, this is still a very considerable number.

Among the official events he singled out the village festival on 18. August 2018. This time, a particularly large number of visitors came to loffeld to enjoy the shade of the lime tree in front of the "old school" to be pampered with culinary specialties. Another milestone in the history of the fire department was the extension of the fire station with an annex under the leadership of the former commander peter grasser. Finally, schug gave some information about the state of preparations of the festivities committee for the 125th anniversary of the fire department in 2022.

Youth fire department auber fecht

Commander lucas lindner reported on exercises and work assignments. He had to inform the general meeting that the official service of the youth fire department could not be continued at present due to a lack of new recruits.

Second mayor hans-josef stich emphasized the connection to the "loffelds" in his funeral, who are committed to the further development of the community and the image of the village, both in the fire department and in the village community as a whole.

Together with chairman schug and commander lucas lindner, stich then honored otto moritz for 50 years of membership and jurgen schug and stefan potzel for 25 years of membership.

Local representative regina wilmer thanked for the support of the implementation of various measures in the course of the village renewal, especially in the redesign of the area around the fountain in front of the village church


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