Family from eight nations

Family from eight nations

For the third time, the community shelter in volkers organized an intercultural get-together. The refugees who live in volkers had spent hours in the kitchen preparing specialties from their home countries. Even former residents, now recognized and living in their own four walls, like to come back to volkers and meet old friends again.
Table wise the residents presented their typical dishes and very soon there were only leftovers. Ob "bashamal, an athiopian noodle and minced meat dish, pita bread or "alecha, a potato-carrot-pepper mixture, also from athiopia, residents and guests couldn’t stop eating and tasting it. Ali shire hiirey from somalia put in a special effort. The evening before, he had already prepared a meal with the "sambusa", the rooty meat jelly dumplings, began. At four o’clock in the morning the preparations were finished before the bags were fried in the morning.
German food is also very popular with the refugees. A group of young women were particularly enthusiastic about mushroom soup and potato salad. Semrt chakalu’s new dish is now veal cutlets. Among many other delicacies, she and her friends made the "besbusa" semolina cake and "doro wet, chicken athiopian style, brought along. All ingredients can be found in german supermarkets. Eating together is common in athiopia, the refugees in volkers organize meals together every day.
At the moment, there are about 50 to 60 refugees living in the volker shelter. A family has been waiting for a final positive decision for more than three years. Lawsuits and family reunification drag out the case, reports daniela schad. Eight nationalities are gathered in volker refugee shelter. There are no tensions, living together works well in part even without language. For all the joy of living together in a safe country, petra wissen, a volunteer who has been in volkers at least four times a week for two years, also reports other situations. She sometimes hears bombs falling in syria at the other end of a cell phone conversation. That’s when it’s most helpful "just to have someone there". Language courses, clothing, understanding german culture – that is no longer the issue, but: "they are alone!"
But there are also beautiful moments. Petra wissen is the mother of little ruth, whose parents found themselves in a church asylum in bruckenau. Roman shicullte was supposed to be deported and had lived in a church asylum in bruckenau for half a year. Her husband berthanu abebe, from whom she had been separated during the flight, had heard about it via cell phone and found her again in bruckenau. Nine months later, daughter ruth was born. "Because we had already been through so much together, I wasn’t surprised when the parents asked me to take over the sponsorship", petra wissen confesses.
Celebrations continued with folk songs and schlagers. Many individual refugees have become a large family.


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