E-center in kitzingen to be rebuilt

E-center in kitzingen to be rebuilt

The kitzingen e-center is to be redesigned and reorganized. And the city administration would like to kill two birds with one stone with it. She wants to strengthen the location on marktbreiter strabe – and the city center at the same time.

How this is to be achieved? By linking the interests of both – the city and the company – with each other. The kitzingen city council decides on the plan on thursday.

While the much-discussed kitzingen retail concept was still in the works, the company edeka-nordbayern approached the city to find out about the possibility of converting the existing location on marktbreiter strabe and integrating an electronics store.

"The concept was developed further together, with the city setting the clear objective of "significantly reducing center-relevant product ranges in the e-center", explains torsten fischer, head of the urban planning and building regulations department. The building authority has also rejected the idea of locating an e-market "because the burgerbrau and hindenburg-west sites are no real alternatives". The aim is to strengthen both the already integrated e-center location and the city center as a retail center.
The e-center, which is around 40 years old, is not only to be spruced up technically and visually, but is also to – and wants to – concentrate in future on its core competence: the food range. Marginal product ranges such as clothing and electronics are to be significantly reduced. Overall, the sales area will shrink from the current 6070 square meters to around 4155 square meters. The beverage market, which is currently located next to the main building, is to be integrated into its northern area. The space that becomes available is to be allocated to a "well-known, competent partner from the electrical sector" will be made available.

Positive reactions
Both the "city and trade" office as well as the government of lower franconia, the trade association HBE and the city marketing association kitzingen (STMV) have nothing against the conversion plans or even see them positively. "In particular, the reduction or elimination of center-relevant product ranges such as clothing, household goods, toys, etc. Is being buried. This development will strengthen the city center and offer the opportunity for new settlements in an integrated location", STMV announces.

City planner fischer states that the location in marktbreiter strabe was specifically suggested by the city administration because a development directly in the city center is "not foreseeable" at present neither on the burgerbrau site, where the parking problem would be difficult to solve, nor on hindenburgring-west.
In general, the "center of kitzingen" will be strengthened the supply function and centrality of the area strengthened by the creation of an "attractive electrical store", the city planner states.
Fischer's conclusion: "the project shows that investors must have certainty about what is possible on their land or what is desired in terms of urban development planning. The city must always position itself clearly here, only then will concrete demand and interest arise."
How the city council sees the whole thing will be seen on thursday. According to the proposed resolution, the council's approval is to be conditional: only if an urban planning compatibility analysis is positive, will there be a green light for the reconstruction. Such an analysis determines the sales expectations of the planned project and assesses the impact on central supply areas in the city center.


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