Diocese wants to help in habfurt

diocese wants to help in habfurt

"The diocese of wurzburg will do its utmost to support you in this endeavor", the board of the ecumenical association "bibelwelten" was delighted to receive this commitment from auxiliary bishop ulrich boom for the planned bible museum especially. The auxiliary bishop visited the bible tower as part of the visitation to the old deanery of habfurt and was interested in all facets of the "bibelwelten" offer has.
In the new bible garden, the chairmen doris otminghaus and rudi langer received the auxiliary bishop. Then they guided him through the current exhibition of stations of the cross models by the limbach sculptor michael scholl in the bible tower. The working groups introduced themselves in conversation: the walk-in advent calendar, the easter garden and the annual autumn program for the respective exhibition reach many people, the suffragan bishop learned.

Easter garden has a supraregional effect
Above all, the easter garden is a project that was also already known to the suffragan bishop. More than 2,000 people from the diocese are invited to relive the last days of jesus until his resurrection in the bible tower during the passion season.
Many other activities has "bibelwelten" developed since 2004. For example, the harupa exhibition, the bible in the tent or the bible bus. The online retreats, a new way to engage people with faith content, were a brand new addition.
The rough goal remains the bible experience museum, which is to be built on a ship. The association wanted to realize a part of this permanent exhibition in habfurt in 2014. The so-called kupsch cellar is to house a jesus exhibition.
The renovation, which will involve a great deal of work on the part of members and supporters, is scheduled for completion this winter. The concept of the exhibition is ready, but the costs of a presentation with multimedia and participatory elements cannot be shouldered by the association alone. Doris otminghaus, chairman of the board, has already knocked on doors, but it won't work without the support of both churches. This support will come from the catholic side, assured female bishop boom, who was convinced by the work of the association and the conception of the exhibition. He liked the association's approach of creating low-threshold access to faith outside the church walls, because "we must first make christ known in deeds and words. Institutions such as municipalities and churches only take second place, so boom. The plan of "bibleworlds also fit in well with the ecumenical year of the bible 2015, explained the auxiliary bishop during his visit to the lower tower.


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