Dean seals easter

dean seals easter

At the last service of pentecost, catholic christians concluded the paschal festive season by extinguishing the paschal candle. Dean kilian kemmer also lit the easter candle after the evening vespers service in the city parish church st. Georg geloscht.

In his pentecost sermon, dean kemmer asked the question "who has the holy spirit for himself?. In the many fears for the future of the present, many contemporaries asked themselves how things should continue politically, socially, ecologically, and ecclesiastically and religiously. At the beginning of the church, this lack of orientation after the death and resurrection of jesus was just as fearful and anxious, says kemmer. Only by prioritizing the spiritual life of prayer and worship did the early christians discover how god’s spirit can work in the church and the world.

Kemmer stressed to respect the coordinates of enlightenment and to take freedom and responsibility seriously against any kind of conformism and an unfortunate delusion of innocence. "The future will be good for everyone".

In the weeks leading up to easter, the parish was able to organize numerous activities in the context of first communion and firm preparation, the three processions of supplication, the may devotions and the pilgrimage to schlusselau. Dean kemmer thanked all the helpers for their success. For the armenian project, caritas, the lenten action misereor with lenten dinner and sale of easter candles, for this year’s project of the soli bread action and other good causes the st. St. George’s parish donated almost 19,000 euros during the easter season, which has now come to an end.


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