Cvg students experience spanish hospitality

Cvg students experience spanish hospitality

14 ninth-graders from the caspar-vischer-gymnasium made an excellent start to a new school exchange program: together with their accompanying teachers yvonne schirmer and gaby vogt, they traveled to andalusia, where an extensive program awaited the students from kulmbach in cooperation with the salvador rueda school in velez-malàga.

After all had been accommodated in their spanish host families and first language barriers had been overcome, excursions were undertaken into the closer environment, after malàga, torrox and into the typical weibe village frigiliana. Even the hardships of the journey to granada were compensated for by the positive impressions they were able to take with them.

A workshop with a professional flamenco dancer, the personal museum tour of the painter carlos ariza, which was even accompanied by andalusian regional television, were special highlights of the nine-day trip. Evening excursions to the beach of torre del mar or to the shopping mall, traditional food, horseback riding and a visit to a mary procession – the host families had come up with a lot for their guests from germany. Some are already looking forward to the return visit of the spanish team next summer.


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