Csu local association honors loyal members

Csu local association honors loyal members

At the meeting of the CSU local association, deputy district chairman gerhard schneider and local chairman thorsten schwieder honored long-serving members: martha schaller was honored for 45 years of service to the local association, and hans gabeli for 40 years. Hermann hildner has been a member for 30 years and veronika schwinn for ten years.

Plans for broadband expansion

At the meeting, mayor doris leithner-bisani (CSU) pointed out that telekom will be responsible for the expansion in the municipality. According to leithner-bisani, the village did not come into any demand program, because there is also kabel deutschland there and it is therefore considered to be supplied. The advantage for telekom is that the market has already had empty pipes installed in various places as part of the village renewal inspections, so that almost no civil engineering work is required. Only in a few places does the wide cable have to be laid in the sidewalk. The access road to weiler lindenhof will be built from wirsberg along the B303 via an earlier demand program costing around 40,000 euros.
She also reported that only a few building sites are still available for lease in the municipality. Especially after the construction of the REWE store, the sales of the building sites went up by leaps and bounds. Considerations for a new construction area are already underway.
With regard to the sewage disposal, the market community will have to deal with the necessary water law approval. Ludwigschorgast has the next two years to do so. At the moment, everything is being calculated for the granting of an elevated water law permit. As a result, according to leithner-bisani, it is already clear that spillway structures such as a storm water retention basin will have to be rebuilt. First of all, a sewer cadastre was commissioned. Planning for the further improvement of the wastewater plant must be completed by 2018 at the latest.

Renovation of the railroad station road

"But we have also already invested a great deal", said the mayor. She went on to say that the sewer in the upper market street has been completely relaid and the drainage pipe from the copper mountain and at the endelsbach has been redone. The market still needs retention volumes that serve as a buffer during heavy rainfall events. "But we still have a rough sewer tree inspection at the train station when the train station road is rehabilitated. But that can only be done when the federal government builds the crossing on the B 303", leithner-bisani explained.
Originally, the market wanted to rehabilitate the bahnhofstrabe and to avoid the junction with the bundesstrabe. The complete planning for the request was submitted, but then it was determined by the state building authority that the intersection at the B 303 has meanwhile developed into an accident black spot and they are obligated to expand this intersection. "This means that the federal government is now planning the crossing and we will then renovate the railroad station road in parallel and lay a new sewer line there", she said. With the crossing construction new left and right turn lanes as well as a complete traffic light are to be created. The municipal investment program (KIP) will also be a challenge. With it the last wing of the school building is to be renewed energetically. The ceilings are to be renewed and dammed accordingly. The costs for this amount to 210 000 euro, the demand over the KIP amounts to 180 000 euro.
Gerhard schneider reported from the youngest CSU party conference: there was no sign of competition between horst seehofer and markus soder. Schneider mentioned that state minister soder had done a great deal for the municipalities in terms of their financial resources. Werner reibaus


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