Corona in the town hall: this is how things will continue in munnerstadt

Corona in the town hall: this is how things will continue in munnerstadt

Sometimes things can happen that quickly. Axel knauff (SPD) has been elected by the 2. Mayor andreas tragner (freie wahler) on wednesday learned that he must now take over the official business of the city of munnerstadt. At that time, mayor michael kastl (CSU) was already in quarantane because he had tested positive for corona and andreas tragner had already left the town hall again because, as a close contact person, he had also been sent to quarantane in spite of a negative test. For axel knauff, who works as a department head in engine development at siemens, this is not a problem. "I’ll get it done", he says.

Right on wednesday, he was at city hall to go through incoming mail and sign outgoing mail. Then he asked in the anteroom to cancel less important appointments and in doubtful cases to clarify if they are really necessary. "Basically, it is a matter of not attending appointments that are not important and necessary. This is now anyway the mabgabe for all citizens in this time", he says. Now it’s a matter of avoiding meetings to a large extent in order to overcome the crisis.

After lunch to the town hall

Axel knauff can divide up his work at siemens. There he is first of all in the morning, while the employees in the town hall are working on the work at hand. "After lunch I go to the town hall to do the things that need to be done." Of course, he coordinates everything he does closely with mayor michael kastl. "I’m a team player, that’s what I’m used to", he says.

And such a representation for axel knauff is not entirely new, because he was already in the last electoral period 3. Mayor and in this function has represented the then mayor helmut blank (CSU) several times. However, no more in recent years. "I must have fallen out of favor", says axel knauff. "In the eyes of the last mayor, I was unworthy to represent this office."

Only what is absolutely necessary

Now he represents the acting burgermeister again, probably until 26. November. "We do what we have to do", he also says with the note that some administrative staff are in quarantane. "We concentrate on what is absolutely necessary, and the people of burgenland should understand that, that is the order of the day."

2. Mayor andreas tragner had already taken over on wednesday when the call came from the health department. Because of his close contact with michael kastl at the budget caucus the saturday before, he was sent to quarantine. Andreas tragner, who tested negative for the virus, takes it relatively calmly. "I’m fine", he says. Naturally he had gladly taken over the representation, but he has already done that this year. "It is what it is", he says about his situation. The cooperation between the three mayors is so trusting that it doesn’t matter whether he or axel knauff represents michael kastl.

Mayor michael kastl, who learned on tuesday that he had tested positive for the virus, is still in good health, as he confirmed to our newspaper. He now hopes to return to office soon. He confirms the close coordination with axel knauff. There are several emails and calls a day. "Because I am in the issues and we are complementary", he says. And: "i am very pleased with the cooperation with mr. Knauff."


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