Community day provides clear perspective for the animal shelter

community day provides clear perspective for the animal shelter

The coordinator for the new construction of the animal shelter in the district of kitzingen, harald meyer, left the district association meeting of the bavarian municipal association in the district administration office on monday afternoon satisfied. The mayors in the county, chaired by josef mend and +landratin tamara bischof, showed the animal protection association a clear perspective on how the new construction of an animal shelter can be financed. Now it is also up to the association to do its "homework" to be settled.

Special-purpose association has no chance

The proposal by kitzingen CSU district councilor stefan kuntzer to establish a special-purpose animal shelter association under the leadership of the district and with the participation of the municipalities was quickly dismissed. The district administrator made it clear that the care of lost and found animals is the task of the municipalities and not of the district. From a purely legal point of view, the county could not take on such a task. She promised, however, a financial participation in a new construction of an animal shelter – between 100 000 euro and 300 000 euro, if the county council agrees. The same applies to an annual subsidy of 5,000 euros for operations.

Josef mend also argued against a special-purpose association: for one thing, it would be very difficult to bring 31 communities together, because each community committee would have to give its approval. On the other hand, the operation of the animal shelter was then also carried out by the special-purpose association, which degraded the animal protection association to a mere member of the association. Only horst kohlberger from rodelsee voted for such a special purpose association.

Meyer: "time is pressing"

"Time is running out", said harald meyer about the time perspective. Although the mining authority has agreed to operation beyond the middle of the year in the existing building, there is still a lack of information. However, a prerequisite is a two-week review of the crack development by the construction office of the city of kitzingen. But if these cracks progressed, due to the undercutting of the land by former mining tunnels, the end could come quickly.

The association currently had three plots of land in view: in prichsenstadt, kitzingen and schwarzach, but in some cases there was still a lack of final information for a location decision. All in all, animal welfare expects to spend around 2.5 million euros on land acquisition and construction. A sum that the association could not even begin to cover. At the moment, the possibilities for subsidies, for example from the free state, the county, the municipalities and the animal welfare association, have been clarified.

1.50 euros per county burger needed

Mend estimates that just under two million euros will have to be financed through loans in the end. The association currently needs 70 cents per inhabitant to run the shelter. If one includes loan financing via interest and repayment, another 80 cents per inhabitant would be added to this amount. A total of 1.50 euros per year and inhabitant should be reasonable for the municipalities. What the financing of a new animal shelter could stand for – provided the figures are correct. Whether part of the costs would be paid for by an investment grant from the municipalities could then be clarified by a separate working group.

"Municipal problems are not solved by legal means, but in political practice", said mend. Nevertheless, there are still legal details to work out. For example, there was the question of a guarantee for a loan, which could hardly be provided by the association. All in all, however, the meeting was a clear perspective for the animal welfare association – even if a number of questions still need to be clarified and the mayors will probably have to do some convincing in their committees.


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