Championship titles shot in rows

championship titles shot in rows

It was certainly the oldest of the sommerach clubs: the schutzenverein. Already in the 12. And 14. The youth of sommerach practiced archery in the twentieth century. In the past century, however, there was a long break until franz volk founded the club again as a department of the SV-DJK in 1977. In our series "future workshop sports club", we introduce the departments of the grob club from sommerach.

Back to the schutzen: in the middle ages, there were no clubs as we know them today, but rather loose associations of like-minded people. Due to the second world war and its aftermath, as reported by franz volk, trainer, sports director and club icon of the SV-DJK guardian department, there was no guardian club in the village for a long time. When he started this department in 1977, 30 air rifles from sommerach had already been bought weeks before the foundation, stood in the sense of the word "rifle at fub" and ran into the former baden-wurttemberg state coach at the first shooting.

The schutzen are at home in the basement of the clubhouse. Due to their proximity to the main river, the floods regularly make life difficult for them, because the groundwater penetrates through the joints. A problem that can probably only be solved when the club builds a new clubhouse. The chairman of the main association, jorg steffen, was happy to build it, "if I had enough money for it". Since no solvent sponsor has yet been found, the guards will continue to remain in the basement of the clubhouse.

Success at a high level

The training there, which franz volk holds on a regular basis, guarantees the many successes that the schutzen have achieved over the years. The list of those who have finished very high in the bavarian and german championships in the past ten years alone is impressively long. Outstanding is the school trio sarah ostreicher, sophia lang and leon then, who qualified for the german championship.

Leon then and sarah ostreicher belong nationwide to the top ten of the guards, philipp mangold is also on the way to germany’s elite and eva maria ostreicher even pays among the best in europe. She has the best chance of qualifying for the world team championships with her performance.

They push "10 meter running disc", which means that they push from a distance of ten meters on a disc that moves from left to right and vice versa within five seconds in an installation. However, this disc no longer runs smoothly, is sometimes faster and sometimes slower. That’s why the best guards often train with neighboring clubs before competitions. So that the talented young shooters do not migrate in the long term, a new running target is now being purchased, at a cost of a good 4500 euros. The main club participates in this with the half. While other clubs work with expensive cameras and computers, the sommerachers are still satisfied with their mechanical equipment.

Fit and successful

For the fact that the young shooters are so successful, volk expresses a "huge thank you" to the individual departments of the SV-DJK. "Without the children’s gymnastics and without the basket or fubball, the shooters were nowhere near as physically fit as they are," he says. In order to be able to push in a concentrated manner, they need a lot of stamina and sporting activity, "and that is exactly what they get here. This fitness bears its fruit when pushed". And the proportion of young people in the club is gratifyingly high, said schutzenmeisterin (department head) anna then. Of the 80 or so active shooters, 30 are children and young people. At the annual schutzenfest, they always nominate the youth schutzen king, this year it is leon then, who beats out kilian ostreicher. New guardian queen is brigitte schwarz, successor to regina then. Shooting was done with an air rifle at ten meters, and each shooter had only one shot.

Actually, says the fire chief, "we are satisfied with the association. They have come to terms with their accommodation in the clubhouse, because a new clubhouse will probably have to wait a little longer.

Association repositions itself

The SV-DJK sommerach, the largest sports club in the village, wants to reposition itself for the future. In a "future workshop," the members want to completely restructure the club in the next two to three years.


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